Trabzon Airport Arrivals (TZX)

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Origin Airline Flight no. Scheduled Est./Actual Status
Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK2840 03:35 Scheduled
Istanbul (SAW) Pegasus PC2824 (1) 04:20 Scheduled
Istanbul (SAW) Flynas XY5824 04:20 Scheduled
Istanbul (SAW) AJet VF3330 04:55 Scheduled
Istanbul (SAW) Pegasus PC2822 05:50 Scheduled
Riyadh (RUH) Flynas XY305 (1) 06:10 Scheduled
Riyadh (RUH) Pegasus PC7605 06:10 Scheduled
Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK2832 (1) 06:15 Scheduled
Istanbul (IST) Singapore Airlines SQ6276 06:15 Scheduled

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Flight Arrivals at Trabzon Airport

Taxis and shuttle services are readily available to transport you to your hotel or other destinations within the city. You can rent a car at the airport and start your independent exploration of Trabzon immediately. The prices are reasonable, so there's bound to be something within everyone's price range.

Safety tips to consider when traveling through Trabzon Airport in Turkey.

  • When packing for your trip, leave any valuables at home. This includes jewelry, electronics, and other items that could be easily stolen.
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Trabzon Airport is a busy place, and it can be easy to become a target for pickpockets or other criminals.
  • If you carry any cash, keep it hidden and only take it out when you need to use it.
  • Avoid using ATMs when in unsafe areas, as thieves often target them. If you must use one, cover your PIN code with your hand while entering it.

These simple safety tips can help ensure that your trip through Trabzon Airport is safe and enjoyable.

Wi-Fi at Trabzon Airport

Free Wi-Fi is available to all passengers at Trabzon Airport.

Rental Car Services at Trabzon Airport

At Trabzon Airport, you can choose between numerous different car rental firms. You can rent a car at the airport or any of the city's many locations.

Renting a car at the airport is more expensive, but it can be more convenient if you have a late flight or are pressed for time. Imagine you are prepared to make the extra attempt required to find a car rental agency within the city. See and compare all rental car companies at Trabzon Airport.

It's always a good idea to research and read reviews before making a reservation, no matter what you do. Using this strategy, you may rest assured that you're paying the least amount possible for your rental automobile.

Rideshare Services at Trabzon Airport

At the moment, ridesharing services are not supported at Trabzon Airport. Instead of driving, please take a taxi or the bus. Please know that we deeply regret any inconvenience this may create.

Taxi Services at Trabzon Airport

Transportation options for passengers arriving or departing from Trabzon Airport include several taxicab companies. Passengers can choose from many different cab companies at the airport.

The airport taxis in Trabzon are reliable and will deliver you to your destination promptly and without incident. Taxi passengers at the airport may rest assured that they will get where they're going on time and in one piece. See more information about taxis at Trabzon Airport.

Train Services at Trabzon Airport

The fastest way to get downtown is by taxi. However, you cannot take public transit to go to the airport. Only vehicle-based modes of transportation (personal automobile, public bus, or hired taxi) will get you where you need to go. More information about train services near Trabzon Airport.

Bus Services at Trabzon Airport

Many buses run to and from Trabzon Airport. There are shuttle buses that run between the airport and Trabzon itself and other regional cities and towns.

Trabzon Airport buses are reliable and on time, making them a great way to go about the city. It is easy to go around Trabzon City and the rest of the province. More information about buses to and from Trabzon Airport.

People in a rush and prefer to avoid dealing with downtown traffic by using the shuttle service may find it helpful.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Trabzon Airport

Trabzon's airport is serviced by hotel shuttles. Shuttle services range from shared shuttles to public buses to taxis.

Parking Services at Trabzon Airport

Passengers can use the airport's parking lots in Trabzon. We nonetheless recommend that you give some thought to other options. See more information about short and long term parking at Trabzon Airport.

  • Please consider the size of the parking lots. If your parking needs are temporary, you can save money by parking in the short-term lot. Consider this a make-believe parking situation. Long-term parking is usually the most cost-effective option if you must leave your car somewhere for a while.
  • It's important to consider how near you want to be to the airport while selecting a parking location. Parking costs more the closer you are to the terminal. If you're willing to walk a little further, you can usually find cheaper parking options.
  • Check for discounts or coupons before making a parking reservation. Booking ahead of time or using a particular form of payment can often result in significant savings.

To discuss your specific parking requirements, please call Trabzon Airport Parking at +90 462 328 09 41 or +90 462 328 09 40.

Other Services at Trabzon Airport

To complement the usual airport amenities, Trabzon Airport provides its guests with a few extras that will make their trip more pleasant.

Several retail establishments and dining options include services like a business center and meeting space.

Guests of Trabzon Airport can take advantage of some additional services, such as vehicle rentals and hotel bookings.

ATMs at Trabzon Airport

The Turkish Lira is accessible from multiple ATMs at Trabzon Airport (TL). Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro are accepted on most machines worldwide. Someone can always assist you if you have questions or issues using your card.

Currency Exchange at Trabzon Airport

There are several different currencies available for exchange at Trabzon Airport. We offer competitive currency conversion rates for those wishing to convert Euros to Russian Rubles or US Dollars to Turkish Lira. We also provide other options for travelers, such as wire transfers and foreign currency exchange.

Nursing Mothers Station at Trabzon Airport

The Trabzon Airport has a new nursing mom's room. This is an attractive option for women who need to nurse their small children while on the road. The nursing station is a quiet, secluded area where moms can feed their babies or express milk. Changing tables, a sink, and a cozy chair are all provided for nursing mothers.

Restrooms at Trabzon Airport

You'll find spotless, spacious, and comfortable restrooms at Trabzon Airport. Staff members always keep everything in order and tend to any necessary repairs or upkeep. There are many conveniences available, and staying there is a treat.

Food and Beverages at Trabzon Airport

There are numerous eateries, from cafes to full-service restaurants, and a food court selling fast food.

The airport is also home to several bars and lounges. There are numerous vending machines stocked with snacks and drinks available for passengers.

Shopping at Trabzon Airport

The airport in Trabzon is among Turkey's busiest. It may be found at Trabzon, a city on the Black Sea's shore. Turkish Airlines' primary and central transportation hub for the country's eastern provinces is the airport.

There are many options for eating and shopping at the airport, making it a convenient spot to kill time before a flight. You may quickly obtain local cash from the many available ATMs and exchange offices.

Smoking at Trabzon Airport

The terminal of Trabzon Airport is a smoke-free zone. Outside of the buildings, there are smoking places set aside.

Lost and Found Section at Trabzon Airport

If you've misplaced something at Trabzon Airport, head to the lost and found. Airport workers who can assist in searching for misplaced things work in this area.

Information Desk at Trabzon Airport

You may get answers to all of your inquiries concerning your next flight at the Trabzon Airport Information Desk.

A member of the staff is available to assist you with anything, from questions concerning your itinerary to recommendations on how to navigate the airport.

Pet Relief at Trabzon Airport

There is a special place for passengers traveling with pets to use the restroom at Trabzon Airport. The main terminal's pet relief facility is conveniently situated next to the baggage claim entrance. Your pet must be on a leash or in a carrier every time you leave the house.

Baggage Claim at Trabzon Airport

When Trabzon Airport is at capacity in the summer, passengers' experiences at baggage claim can be less than ideal. Baggage claims can be chaotic due to the airport's tiny size and high passenger volume.

Travelers sometimes face annoying wait times and crowds. If any of your possessions become misplaced, please make sure they are clearly labeled.

Disabled Passengers at Trabzon Airport

There should be no doubt that travelers with disabilities will be allowed on aircraft. Airport employees are trained to treat travelers with disabilities with dignity and compassion.

Trabzon Airport ensures that all passengers, including those with special needs, are handled with dignity and courtesy.

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Trabzon Airport’s Triumph: Surpassing Pre-Pandemic Levels with a Remarkable 15.31% Growth in Q3 2023