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Buses from Trabzon Airport with Bus Routes and Times

Buses operate a regular bus service between Trabzon Airport and central Trabzon. The journey takes approximately 30 minutes, and tickets can be bought from the driver.

Several private transfer companies operate from the airport, offering taxi and minibus services to various destinations in and around Trabzon.

The distance between the airport and the city center (Trabzon Meydan Parkı) is only 6 kilometers.

We think that having a car made it much simpler for us to move around Trabzon, which was especially helpful if you wanted to see some of the sights in more remote areas.

Even while there are some options for public transit, those options aren't always reliable and can be hard to come by. You will have the flexibility to go at your own pace while exploring.

It will be much easier to get to and from the airport by renting a car instead of public transportation.

Havas Bus to Trabzon

You can arrive at and depart from Trabzon with the Havas buses. A bus will leave the airport in the neighborhood twenty-five minutes after a commercial aircraft's last arrival.

It takes around half an hour to get to the last stop. This stop is located in the city's western area, known as Beşirli, directly across from the Uzunkum Hotel.

On the Yavuz Selim Bulvari, the stops labeled "Kilpa" and "Migros" are considered the most central stops in the city of Trabzon. They are located around 15 to 20 minutes from the airport.

A bus heads in the direction of the airport an average of 10 times daily. Tickets can be purchased from the bus driver while you are on the bus. At the airport, the bus stop is located within walking distance of both the Domestic Terminal and the International Terminal.

The Havas shuttle bus service also provides direct access to the cities of Giresun and Rize as their destinations.

Please consult https://havas.net/ for the timetable of Havas.


  • Adults, 20 TL
  • Children, 20 TL